Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ラプンツェル展/Rapunzel exhibition

Two illustrations from the Rapunzel exhibition at " Alice to Mamenoki(Beanstalk) " in Tokyo.

Unfortunately this exhibition has finished.(i forgot to scan this drawings and owner of this shop scanned these and sent me today! sorry,,and thank you)

Although this shop/ gallery is having a exhibition once in a few months, I will join to the next exhibition and I will put up the news about it next time.

This shop is selling my and my sister's post cards, zine, and bags, please try to have a go and to if you are in or coming in to Koenji, Tokyo. Koenji has big subculture scene
of Japan, very interesting place.


このお店では私や妹のちひろちゃむのポストカードや、ジーンやバッグを置いてもらっています。このお店はわたしたちの絵みたいなばかみたいな絵が描いてある商品から、おお、うまい、おお、かっこいい、おお、グロい、笑 といった様々なテイストが混じってて、まさに高円寺ー!って感じのお店。(って高円寺に住んだこともなければ行ったことは数回しかないですが)東京にお住まいの方、東京にいかれる方は、おもしろいお店なのでぜひ!

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