Thursday, 20 March 2008

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

ピーター・ドイグ/Peter Doig

I have been lazy at blog,,,because I have no confidence writing English,and Im embarrassing when I loot at my stupid blog,,

but,if I don't try writing English,My English getting worth and worth and worth,,.
help me!gyaaaa------!!

so,if I have mistake in English,please correct me as comment.


I  went to Peter Doig Exhibition at Tate Britain.
I had interest in his work since when I saw his poster.

His work was absolutely amazing.

He knows night smell.
He has nostalgic world.
His drawing lines has not lie.

Im very impressed.

はるちゃんとコラボレーション/collaboration with Haru.

My flat mate Haru made lovely room shoes with my drawing from animation!! that so nice,she putted my blog's name and her blog's name as well.,,umm,,

animation by hand drawing.

I have done animation work for college project. The song from Moldy Peaches,which called Jorge Regula.I knew that song in the pub where im working,when i listened this song, I could imagine happy and quiet couple.I tried express that view from my head.

i wanna eat moldy peaches.

my camera has got stolen,,
where are you my sweet camera,,you must miss me,,
fuck the someone.
fuck  mustachios.
fuck whiskers.