Tuesday, 17 February 2009

high school work- Bath

This work was for 69 exhibiton.
69 is film about 1960's Japan.That film was based on near my high school,so they had exhibiton about psychedelic.

A1,poster color

high school work-illustration for Nuclear energy poster competition

A1,poster color

high school work- ceramic festival poster

this poster was chosen for Arita Ceramic festival.
this poster was in all over the west Japan's train station.ho-hoo--

A3,poster color 

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Japanese cinnamon tree

162.1×112.1 cm

This tree was more than 400 years old.
It had hole in the middle by thunder.But he is still alive near my town.

high school work- giraffe


It was my first painting which I have done when I was 16 years old.
The way of using color is different than now.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

high school work-me, cow and japan

Me and Syume!

Pre drawings for final piece

what am I saying on this,,

"give me your bone!"
"sky sky sky sky"
""better than you"is pointless"
"your name is Sorry about that"
“u fu fu fu fu fu"
"i am cobra !I spread my poison"

oh,,I don't understand...

I spoke to peter and luke yesterday,and they talked about my family painting. I draw that when I came back to Japan.For me,my Japan time has been stopped since when I left Japan.I was just graduated high school.

after I spoke with my tutor,(peter and luke) I realized ,maybe I drew that family painting as me, I was high school student in some point. 18 years old Chie came out naturally,and without notice,but my painting style was back to past.

so I thought it is good for me to look at my old work now.
I usually don't see my old work,but I find that my feeling for drawing is bit different from now.
I think I was purely enjoying drawing,I think I need that feeling to back to me.