Sunday, 23 November 2008


This is a A1 size painting which I have done over summer in Japan.I draw my family in bon.
(Bon is Japanese Buddhist festival for honoring the spirits of ancestors. It is held from August 13 to 16.)

I was glad to meet with my family in summer,and I had really nice time.I feel that how important family is as im living different country from them.

so I draw my family.yes,we are all ugly.

I put this work in competition which called Saga ken ten is my prefecture's art exhibition.
my work was accepted for showing,so it was on Saga ken ten. Ho-ho--


pete willis said...

chie this is amazing!

ちえもぐら/Chie mole rat said...

oh,peter!thank you!! yea my lovely ugly family,,
did you came back to london?