Tuesday, 18 November 2008

17才/seventeen years old


I was listening GingNangBoyz new song,which called- "17 sai(17 years old)".Ging Nang Boyz is recording a cover of the 1971 hit"17 sai",sung by Okinawan-born idol Saori Miyami.-(quotation from youtube)

then I couldn't stop listening it in the middle of night,I just wanted keep listening.Even I went to bed to try to sleep,but I couldn't.
This song reminds me when I was 17sai.17sai 's feeling is palpitation in love.

recently,I haven't done any emotional drawings,so It was good chance to me.

then I started draw,and I really like those work.
I don't want forget that kind of feeling forever.
I want listening Ging Nang Boyz until I get older. 

here is music video for 17sai by Ging Nang Boyz.(shame it has some speech ballone.)

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