Sunday, 16 January 2011

POTTO shop in Tokyo

東京は恵比寿にあるとっても素敵なお店、POTTO SHOPで、

元々はお洋服屋さんなのに、、フトコロ広いわあ笑、POTTO SHOP

POTTO SHOPをやってらっしゃる枝光さんのブログ、RERE DIARYでステチに紹介してもらっちゃった!




My zines, screen printed bags, and ceramics are selling at POTTO SHOP in Ebisu, Tokyo.
They are originally hand made clothes shop, but now they are selling those stuff as well!!

my stuff were introduced on their Blog called " RERE DIARY" which is run by Edamitsu, who is owner of POTTO SHOP.

Their shop is Amazing, it's kind of hidden place in residential area in Tokyo and they always got very unique great stuff, if you are in Tokyo or come to Tokyo, you should go!!

RERE DIARYのファンであり読者である私は自分が作ったものがこの壁に飾られるなんて!!そしてRERE DIARYに載るなんて!!!感激しちゃいました。

I am big fun of RERE DIARY, and I was so happy when I saw my stuff on this wall, which they always use to show good stuff on their blog. yatta!

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