Friday, 4 November 2011

またあおうね。/ MATAAOUNE (See you again)

本日!!!ウェブショップちえちひろ店は大阪に出張して、こんなトートバッグをはじめ色んなもの売るます!売り子はちひろのみ!ぜひ来てください。中原ねこさん@nakaharaneko 企画の=またあおうね。vol.3=というイベントに呼んでいただきました。
Today!! Our web shop " CHIECHIHITO SHOP" will have a stall at an event called " MATAAOUNE (See you again)" in OSAKA. A singer song writer Neko Nakahara invited us for this event! Thank you so much!
I can't be there today, coz it's in Japan, but my sister Chihiro will be selling stuff!
Chihiro made this bag for this event!

more detail can be see at..
Neko's blog

Chihiro's blog

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