Wednesday, 25 August 2010

work for show in Macbeth

I made a work for the show at Macbeth in East London. This show will be a group show which run and exhibit by my friends from college, and all the works will be in response to the film called "DEEP END"(1970, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski)

I really enjoyed watching this film, I think it is a low badged film but composition and colour was so amazing, especially, tiles and walls in the bathhouse are my favorite. This work is looks bit different from what I usually do, but the visual of this film made me feel to make this style of work and I enjoyed the difference.

I enjoyed story too, the story was very naive and so pure I felt. I don't fancy this kind of boy, but I feel, If I were boy, I guess I am bit like him, so I felt bit in common with this boy in the film some how, stupid boy.haha

このグループ展は大学の友達が運営、展示を行います。DEEP END(1970, 監督: Jerzy Skolimowski)っていう映画を見て、それについてのイラスト展示です。




Exhibition detail


Monday 27th September- Sunday 3rd October

-Private view: Monday 27th September

- Print and zine fair Saturday 2nd September. (depending if people want to have a fair)

sorry, this work was too big for my A4 scanner, these images are some part from a final piece.
I wish I had a A3 scanner! unfortunately I won't be in London when show is on, I will be in Japan! but please come to the show to see the whole my work and my friends works!!



Pencil drawing before colour in.

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