Tuesday, 24 August 2010

i phone picture book progress

This is one of the drawings from the iphone picture book project which I am doing with wingedchariot.

This is a story about naked mole rat and mole cricket.

This image is for sample of style, now I have to develop as suitable format for I phone. So I need think about make layers, how pencil drawing lines will be appear on screen and how the characters could move.. and so on.

It is interesting to think about "book" in digital format. It shouldn't become an animation, it should be kept as a book format, but there is more possibility to make this a digital book more than an analog book.

wingedchariot.という絵本の会社と一緒にやってる、iphone 絵本に向けて描いた絵。

はげもぐら と おけらの話。



here are developing works for the final image.


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